Why Omlet Cube?

New to keeping Chickens? The Omlet Cube Chicken Coop is the ideal Coop for those new to hen-keeping. Not only Stylish, the Omlet Cube is an amazing Coop and comes with everything you will need in your new hobby.

The Omlet Cube is suitable for upto 8 average sized hens, is easy to clean and secure against foxes!

Starter Pack 1Omlet Cube House Only

  • Omlet Cube House Only
  • Delivery only £25

Starter Pack 2Omlet Cube with 2m Run

  • Omlet Cube House with 2m Run
  • Delivery only £35

Starter Pack 3House with 3m Run

  • Omlet Cube with 3m Run
  • Delivery only £35